Friday, April 26, 2013

Book of Azathoth Tarot

It surprises me that I don't own a tarot card deck. I have been shopping around for one and this is the one I fell in love with. I don't believe in the mystical powers of tarot cards but I do think they can be quite useful. The important thing about them is that they generate a "random" opinion. There are not any scenarios where you might get one that is as detailed as the one from tarot cards. 


Most of the time, when you need help figuring something out, you consult a friend. This friend gives you an opinion. It may be helpful, or not. The thing is that they are subject to biases and might even have some kind of stake in your situation. It might also be that your friend has a very similar opinion to yours, so you don't actually end up with a different perspective, which you might desperately need.

So you might ask a stranger or someone who is only an acquaintance. The problem there is that they might not understand enough to give you valuable advise unless you explain a whole lot of other things to them. But should a casual acquaintance be in on everything? It is true that just talking about your problem at all might be very helpful, but what if you are still stuck in a rut? The majority of problems arise when one is in certain mindset and then something occurs outside the scope of that mindset. Tarot cards often provide the fresh angle, without a bias of an kind.

This is how it works. You ask your question and the cards fall in a certain way. Each card has enough facets to be relevant to any question. Since you are thinking (concentrating even) on your problem, you consider the angle a particular card is suggesting, its likely that you hadn't thought of your problem in that way. For example one may might be in the mindset that a disaster is going to happen, and the cards might suggest that there will be an opportunity, possibly for a new friendship. They are not predicting that there will be an opportunity, they are opening your mind to a new way of seeing an impending disaster. 

So, in a way, they promote creative thinking and might help overcome "writer's block" in the narrative of your life. If you ask the same question over and over and lay out the cards again and again you are likely to get confused so it's better and often enough, to do it once. However, I can't explain the odd way in which the same cards tend to come up as answers to the same question, that is a mystery. 

This beautiful deck is by Nemo and it is available at Nemo's Locker.

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